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Scotts Landing

In historic terms, Scotts Landing as it is known today was known as the village of Mahurangi or more recently, Mahurangi East.

It’s current residential and recreational demeanor however belies a very active past, particularly at Scott Point which took full advantage of the commercial trade that took place on the river and harbour.

These pages present a brief history of the land and its people.

Scott Point Wharf
Scott Point Wharf
Scott Point Wharf
Looking East along Scott Point towards the TeKapa
James Lawrie
Scott House viewed from the Wharf
Old Schoolhouse


An earlier survey for a subdivision at the top of the harbour near Dawson’s Creek had not been completed. Between 1852 and 1854 Charles Heaphy

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Maori & Fishing

Māori first occupied our land and there are widespread defensive ditches, pa sites and kumara pits to be found on most of the headlands around

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Mahurangi is the name used by our association and name of our harbour, but was at one time used as the name of all the

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Firewood and building timber was being harvested as early as mid 1840’s early gatherers included Captain Sullivan who established himself at Mahurangi West. Soon after

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Early Europeans

The first Europeans to explore the Mahurangi were looking for Flax and Timber. The British Navy came seeking spars. Spar ships would drop cutting gangs

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