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Animal pest control

MERRA maintains an animal pest control programme in conjunction with Auckland Council, with a view to make our peninsular as pest free as we can, given we can’t control the area with predator-free fences. This means we need to maintain a constant programme – it would quicky slide back if we didn’t. Using the diverse and dense birdlife and bush we enjoy as evidence, the programme is showing good signs of success. 

Target species include possum, rabbit, rodents and mustelids (weasels, ferrets and stoats).

You may see bait stations or traps which ought to be avoided. Please keep children and pets away from bait stations in bush areas – the bait stations are reasonably secure but may be prone to a determined attempt to access bait. The bait used in the bait stations is D-BLOCK. There is a low chance that a domestic pet that consumes a species that has succumbed to this bait would itself die. If you suspect a domestic animal has been exposed to bait, your vet should be advised so they can  administer the antidote Vitamin K. 

On Department of Conservation lands and on our northern border, MERRA uses a DoC approved bait called DOUBLE TAP which targets both possums and rats. Similarly, there is a very low risk of a domestic animal accessing a bait station and consuming the bait and Double Tap does not have secondary kill properties, so a domestic animal consuming the carcass of an animal that has consumed Double Tap will not itself succumb to the toxin.  

There is reporting system where you can log sightings or trappings which will help us better target animal pests. Complete the form below to report animal pest activity. 

Click the link HERE to see the results of MERRA’s animal pest control programme.

You can also contact us to discuss an animal pest issue via the contact page. Please let’s all do our piece to keep our flora and fauna free of invasive animal pests.

War on Rats

For over thirty years, MERRA has been controlling rats on public land. In 2023, MERRA received funding from Predator Free NZ to expand its work into backyards with a major trapping campaign. We are encouraging all Scotts Landing residents to join the war and start trapping rats on your own piece of paradise.

Why Join?

Rats prefer our houses to living in the wild as they have access to food and warmth. Cosy as this sounds, rats can cause a lot of issues for households. There have been many incidents recorded where rats have caused property damage. From flooding to issues with vehicles, damage to containers of food or nesting in house cavities or cardboard stored in garages and many others. They harbour disease and pose a threat to native plant species and fruit trees. But perhaps the biggest issue is the effect they have on our bird life by eating eggs and chicks.  The war on rats will help maintain the wonderful birdlife that we enjoy at Scotts Landing.

In joining you will be contributing to the national goal of a predator-free Aotearoa by 2050. Many thousands of New Zealanders are working to reduce predator numbers and you can help too.

This campaign is made possible with financial support from the Predator Free NZ Trust.


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