Scotts Landing



 For over thirty years, MERRA has been controlling rats on public land. In recent times, MERRA has received funding from Predator Free NZ to expand its work into backyards with a major trapping campaign. Like any war, the population needs to be mobilised for the fight and so we are putting the call out to all residents to join the war and start trapping rats on your own piece of paradise.

Why Join?
There are plenty of rats on public land but the populations there pale into insignificance compared to the rat numbers that live around your place. You might not see them very often but residents are never far away from a rat. 

Rats prefer our houses to living in the wild as they have access to food and warmth. Cosy as this sounds, rats can cause a lot of issues for households. There have been many incidents recorded where rats have caused property damage. From flooding to issues with vehicles, damage to containers of food or nesting in house cavities or cardboard stored in garages and many others. They harbour disease and pose a threat to native plant species and fruit trees. But perhaps the biggest issue is the effect they have on our bird life by eating eggs and chicks.  The war on rats will help maintain the wonderful birdlife that we enjoy at Scotts Landing.
In joining you will be contributing to the national goal of a predator-free Aotearoa by 2050. Many thousands of New Zealanders are working to reduce predator numbers and you can help too.

This campaign is made possible with financial support from the Predator Free NZ Trust.

What’s The Deal?

MERRA will loan you a trapping tunnel, trap and some indicator scratch cards to get you started. You’ll provide the lure (peanut butter, nutella, left over meat). We’ll give you training and support to become an effective trapper and stay in regular touch with you providing motivation and news on the war. You’ll also receive a Department of Conservation trapping guide to take away. All you need to do is place your trap in an ideal position, regularly check it and clear/refresh your trap and report any kills back to MERRA so we can plug those results into the national predator free programme. If you sell up or stop trapping you’ll need to return your trapping tunnel and trap to MERRA. 
We Want Kids
We have some kid friendly traps for this campaign and we want kids to get involved. We have formed the elite Mahurangi Junior Trappers Brigade to spearhead our most effective unit in the war. Highly motivated kids with fire in their belly and endless energy to apply to the mission. Each kill goes towards the ‘Catch25’ challenge and the bragging rights that go along with it.
Sign Up to Join the War Today
Click on the button to sign up. It only takes a few moments. We’ll be in touch to confirm. Not sure..? Come along to our pick-up day (details below) for a chat. You can sign up on the day. Information collected is subject to MERRA’s privacy policy.

We’ll be in touch with you to arrange a time for you to collect your trapping kit and to get some training on best practice and reporting requirements.
Resources for Success

Click here for our five-step trapping guide, and some helpful articles and videos that you can view to make sure you have all the skills and knowledge to become a successful rat-trapper. 

 Join up to fight rats on your own property today. We’ll supply the gear, you supply the labour – together we’ll win the war! 

 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many traps can we have?
A: One initially but once we are underway you can apply for more traps if your catches support more.
Q: How do we report a catch?
A: There are several ways – on the TrapNZ mobile phone app or website; by filling in the reporting form here; or by emailing
Q: How do we dispose of the catch?
A: In the same way you might dispose of meat products now. Other methods include burying (ideal for planting a shrub or tree on top of) or in your landfill rubbish. It is not recommended that you throw a carcass into the bush as this may attract more rats looking to eat their old friend.

Q: What if I don’t like handling dead rats?

A: Ask your neighbours for help, and if that doesn’t work, email for assistance.

Q: Can I contact MERRA for additional support if I am not catching rats?

A: Yes you can by emailing We’ll be in touch to review your techniques to help you find success.