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MERRA Picnic 2024

Over 70 residents enjoyed the annual Scotts Landing Picnic on Sunday 10 March at Scott House.  Fine weather, good food and great company made for

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Road sealing complete

Works to repair and seal the previously unsealed section of Ridge Road down to the wharf, and the wharf carpark, have finally been completed.  This

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Myrtle Rust

Myrtle Rust has been observed recently at Scotts Landing and then confirmed through the central reporting tool for Myrtle Rust which is the iNaturalist website.

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Warkworth Lights

Lighting Up Warkworth A new permanent public artwork on the Mahurangi River opposite Warkworth township and adds a magical experience to an evening stroll along

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War on Rats

MERRA DECLARES WAR ON RATS  For over thirty years, MERRA has been controlling rats on public land. In recent times, MERRA has received funding from Predator Free

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