Scotts Landing


For over thirty years, MERRA has been controlling rats on public land. In recent times, MERRA has received funding from Predator Free NZ to expand its work into backyards with a major trapping campaign. Like any war, the population needs to be mobilised for the fight and so we are putting the call out to all residents to join the war and start trapping rats on your own piece of paradise.
Residents who join will be loaned the equipment necessary as well as some training and resources to get started. 
MERRA’s initial goal is to get fifty traps placed but ideally would like every property to be trapping on their own land. This would provide near blanket coverage when combined with MERRA’s work on public land.
MERRA’s Chair Peter Seers said ” I urge every resident to join up today. Together we can reduce rat populations and keep rats under control.”

Launch Day

The War on Rats officially launched on Saturday 2nd September. A third of the community have now signed up to protect their homes from rats and we are busy placing traps all over the peninsular.

Residents received their training from Forest Bridge Trust and our resident Auckland Council Park Rangers and have been given all the kit necessary to become effective trappers. 

MERRA is grateful for the support received from all involved and look forward to making our contribution to the Predator Free NZ 2050 campaign.

If other residents want to be proactive in protecting their home, please click on the button below and join the war.


This campaign is made possible with financial support from the Predator Free NZ Trust