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MERRA, in conjunction with Auckland Council, maintains a programme of plant pest management across the peninsular in public areas and walkways. It is the responsibility of landowners however to maintain their own land and to remove and dispose of noxious weeds.

This council link will help you identify plan pests on your land and provide advice on eradication.

Further, this attached informative site is a very helpful and comprehensive resource  provided by government/DOC to assist in identification and eradication of plant pests.

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  1. l wish to report a large banana passionfruit growing at entrance to 73 Ridge Rd
    lt will need to be dealt with immediately as the birds will be busy spreading it soon. Jan Fanning

  2. Hey everyone – just a note that its an important time to keep an eye out for ginger – snapping off the flower heads is important as they have 10’s of seeds / head, and a big plant with many heads can have a 1000 seeds – all spread by birds. If you would like someone to spray it please contact me One careful spray is all it needs (using Metsulfuran – Escort).

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