Scotts Landing

MERRA has invested on some rabbit traps to assist residents with issues on their property. Traps can be booked for 30 day periods at no charge by using the contact form of the MERRA website here There may be a waiting period depending on demand.

You may wish to purchase your own trap on Trade Me. The going rate is between $25-$40 for a simple humane trap – i.e. not a jaw trap.

Tips to improve chances of luring a rabbit into the trap include:-

The traps are live capture traps and so users need a plan to check traps at least daily when set (for humane reasons and to prevent unnecessary animal suffering) and to have a way of dispatching and disposing of animals. Baits also should be changed often to maximize their lure potential.

Setting the trap is a simple process of lifting the setting lever on top of the trap until the door is raised and locked into place. Removing a trapped animal is best done from the other end of the spring door by removing the U shaped locking rod from the swing door. Remember to replace the rod once the animal is removed.

Finally, please report your catch on the MERRA Animal Pest reporting form on the MERRA website here

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  1. Pests. some people in a campervan told me they saw 3 healthy rats at he landing. during the day!

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