Scotts Landing

Local Network

The MERRA local network is here to help protect you and your property by networking you with your neighbours.   We liaise directly with Rodney Neighbourhood Support on behalf of the community and in the case of emergency, the Community Response Group (old Civil Defence) is stood up using the local network lists.   We […]

Scotts Landing new residents A – Z

A thorough piece of work aimed at new residents, but also as a one-stop piece of information for established residents, has been prepared in the form of an A – Z guide. This will allow new residents to become aware of what this community has to offer, apart from the obvious physical attractions. From security […]

MERRA Privacy Policy

MERRA gathers and stores personal information about its members securely. Information provided is gathered in strict accordance with its Privacy Policy below. You can also download it by clicking this link:- MERRA Privacy Policy To help meet its objectives, MERRA needs to collect some personal information from residents and ratepayers. MERRA is committed to ensuring that […]

Community Response (Civil Defence)

Community Response (previously Civil Defence) MERRA maintains an active Community Response Group affiliated with Auckland Council . The purpose of the group is to prompt residents to be ready for a natural emergency and to be prepared for 3 days without power, road access , food and water. Fergusson House on Ridge Road is also […]

Fire – what action to take

First Response and the Fire Trailer MERRA maintains a first response fire trailer manned by volunteers. It has been used successfully in the past to quell or limit fires pending the arrival of the fire service from Snells Beach. Being local, it can mobilise in a matter of minutes and so in the event of […]

Warkworth medical centre available 7 days

Coast to Coast Healthcare have recently extended their service availability to cover for weekend and after hours emergencies. They are now open seven days, 8am to 8pm, meaning a trip to Wellsford on weekends is no longer necessary. Their rooms are at 77 Morrison Drive in Warkworth. All emergency services available at Wellsford will be […]

Life tubes

An innovation from Age Concern Hastings – a tube with essential details on health issues, allergies, medications and where they’re kept, key contacts like next of kin, solicitor, g.p., power of attorney – taped to a tray in your fridge. First responders will be alerted by a red sticker that comes with the tube, stuck […]

Purchase your emergency horn

As part of your emergency preparedness, MERRA is encouraging residents to purchase a VERY LOUD hand generated horn to be used to attract the attention of your neighbours at a time of an emergency. MERRA have sourced a bulk supply and therefore a discount on the normal retail price for residents wanting to purchase one. […]


Fire Restrictions From approximately the 50km sign to the end of the peninsular, for fire purposes, we are classified as ‘ Residential – Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone” and as such no open fires are permitted without a permit from Auckland Council. Check your address HERE to see what is and is not permitted. Properties […]

Defibrillator at Scotts Landing

A defibrillator (AED) has been installed on the corner of Ridge Rd and Charles St on the noticeboard. Residents are strongly advised to formulate a plan to execute in the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest and required reviving. The plan should enable someone to remain with the victim while another person calls 111 […]