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The MERRA local network is here to help protect you and your property by networking you with your neighbours.   We liaise directly with Rodney Neighbourhood Support on behalf of the community and in the case of emergency, the Community Response Group (old Civil Defence) is stood up using the local network lists.  

We have 13 local groups with street coordinators. The local network will pass information on to you at small group/street level or else you may receive information of a more general nature from the Local Network Coordinator. To maintain privacy, all information will be by blind copy. The street coordinators will only have your details if you have given permission and will not share them with third parties.  If you don’t want to be part of the local network then we ask for an emergency contact for your property in case of an emergency concerning your property such as a fire, a large slip, flood, or large trees down.

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Tips for Keeping Your Place Safe

Here are some Security Tips taken from the national Neighbourhood Support website, which has many more fact sheets with good advice.
Most burglaries are opportunist and happen when the owners are away.


*Shut and lock all doors, even if you are only going out for a short time or working in the garden.

*Close and lock all windows-burglars don’t like to smash glass.

*Do not “hide” keys outside your home or leave in an obvious place near windows or doors.

*Make sure valuables-including TVs and stereo systems cannot be seen from outside.

*Make your home look occupied when you’re away by using timers on radios and lights.

*Hide or lock away passports and official documents-identity fraud is on the rise.

*Don’t leave car keys near doors or windows.

*Ensure you have an up to date list and photographs of your valuables and keep copies in safe place.

*Let your neighbours know your holiday plans and who might be using your house while you are away.