Scotts Landing

A defibrillator (AED) has been installed on the corner of Ridge Rd and Charles St on the noticeboard.

Residents are strongly advised to formulate a plan to execute in the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest and required reviving. The plan should enable someone to remain with the victim while another person calls 111 AND retrieves the AED. The plan needs to take into account and be effective in any circumstance including time of day, weather and availability of people near you to respond to an emergency.

TIME matters in an emergency. Victims have approx. ten minutes with CPR being performed to be revived.

Prepare yourselves for an emergency. Review the material below, create a plan with others and practice a response, noticing the time before the AED arrives with the victim.


Save a Life with 1, 2 & 3...

1. Learn how to use the AED

Click the button below to learn how to use the AED before you need to.

2. Brush up or Learn about Administering CPR

Click the button below to refresh or learn CPR.

3. Create a Plan

Get together with people you live close to and create a plan that sees CPR administered, 111 called and the AED bought to the victim. Practice the plan.

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