First Response and the Fire Trailer

Merra maintains a first response fire trailer manned by volunteers. It has been used successfully in the past to quell or limit fires prior to the arrival of the Fire Service from Snells Beach.

Being local, it can mobilse in a matter of minutes and so in the event of a fire, firstly call 111 and then call some people on the fire list.

That list can be downloaded HERE. You should print it out and have it handy to the phone.

Fire Restrictions

From approximately the 50km sign, for fire purposes, we are classified as ‘Urban’ and as such no open fires are permitted without a permit from Auckland Council.

Check your address HERE to see what is and is not permitted.

Properties generally north of the 50km area are classified as being in the Mainland Rural Fire area and subject to changing restrictions. The current rural fire conditions and a downloadable permit for a fire can be obtained HERE.



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