Scotts Landing

A community notice board is located on the corner of Ridge Road & Charles Street  The area also provide shelter and seating for school bus users/parents or a resting place for those out for a walk. The shelter also provides a degree of waterproofing which was previously lacking. The design includes the use of corten steel and branding to tie it in with other Scotts Landing signage, as well as a website reference.

MERRA hopes the community will use the noticeboard to post messages. Contact us via the web site to place your message.

MERRA is particularly grateful to Stuart Windross who designed the revamped noticeboard, managed and led the volunteer group and for his many hours of work on the project. We also acknowledge and thank Matakana ITM  for wood and hardware generously donated by who generously donated  and to Chris Russell and Alan Seelye who also donated timber, paint, safety gear and roofing/fixings. Thanks must also go to the volunteer group/helpers/caterers Peter Seers, David Stevens, David Legg, Hugh Gladwell, Mark Croft, Chris Russell, Steve Stott, Sue Stevens & Karen Windross

(Left to Right) David Legg, Mark Croft, Peter Seers, Stuart Windross and David Stevens)
The refurbished noticeboard next to the Little Library

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