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The MERRA Committee has noted with concern Beijing Capital Waste Management Ltd’s proposal to establish a new landfill operation north of the Dome Valley by 2028.  Consent applications will be lodged within months. 

 However, even if all environmental concerns are met, we are concerned at reports that once operational (c 2028) there will be over 450 vehicle movements (return trips) daily added to SH1/Dome Valley traffic (including 300+ heavy trucks).  That averages almost 1 per minute over the 5am to 10pm day.  Given our community and their families are so reliant on the SH1 we feel it is important to try and avert the negative impacts this will bring.  Accordingly we have developed a proposal that advocates for transport of waste by rail to be a condition of council consent.  

We feel this is entirely reasonable and practicable as the much under-used Auckland to Whangarei line passes within 2km of the landfill site.   For your further information you can view our paper by clicking on the button below. 

 We will be seeking to publicise and win support for this proposal over the next few months.

Have Your Say on the MERRA proposal or the plan to establish a land fill site in the Dome Valley by posting your response below.

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