Scotts Landing

Level 3 saw more relaxed rules of engagement than level 4, but still meant regular social activity and events remained suspended.

One social gathering undertaken by some residents before Covid arrived was the Friday night “beer o’clock” men’s get-together and the women’s equivalent, “wine o’clock”, held at private homes. These have obviously been halted for the time being. Those who usually participant in those gatherings decided to undertake an unofficial fishing competition, given the MERRA event is postponed indefinitely. This competition, with all fishers being land-based, was held for the duration of level 3, observing those restrictions. Entrants needed to submit photographic evidence of their catch to organisers. Entrance fees were $2 (or a donation of some produce or grocery item) per rod for the prize pool.

Also during level 3, the group participated in a photo competition depicting activity during that time, a selection of which you can see below. The winner of this competition was the lucky winner of a sketch of their home drawn by Roger Harvey of Ridge Road.

The prize winners for both competitions were announced at a “beer and wine o’clock” function organised when we reached level 2. The organisers for both were the Maskells, Craig and Chris, of Ridge Road. Thanks to them for their adding much colour to level 3 life, and to Roger Harvey for donating his time and talents.

Both competitions were met with such enthusiasm, it is likely MERRA will add the photo competition for all residents to participate in for future years as well as the fishing competition.  

Please let this scribe know of any other resident activity we should share on this site by adding a note to the comments section.

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