Scotts Landing

The vigilence of community members, the communications network of the community support group and the smart work of a kayak-owning resident all combined to entrap an alleged thief at Scotts Landing recently. The above photo is of the suspected thief’s vehicle.

The final act in the drama was played out when the kayak owner, a resident of Ridge Road, having seen his kayak being paddled northwards beyond Burton Wells, blocked the no-exit Charles Street with his vehicle to prevent the suspect’s vehicle and trailer from escaping with the kayak. This followed a series of other incidents involving missing property on the peninsular and community members noticing suspicious activity together with numerous sitings of the vehicle. A summary of the various activities as reported by community members is attached here (street numbers deleted for privacy).

The photo below shows the offending vehicle and trailer blocked from leaving Charles Street while the police are being called.

This incident highlights the value of the communications network that is the community support group. The vehicle description, licence plate number and nature of the criminal activity were all communicated widely culminating in this comprehensive summary forwarded to police to assist in their investigations.


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