Scotts Landing

Auckland Council has published an online map of the Auckland Region that models potential areas of erosion and land instability as a consequence of future sea level rise and coastal erosion.  Many Scotts Landing properties were shown as potentially adversely affected.  MERRA was concerned about the misleading and inaccurate nature of press coverage (eg wrongly suggesting that parts of Scotts Landing would become an island!) and commentary about negative insurance and valuation impacts. There was also concern from residents for their future safety.  MERRA critiqued the report thoroughly, using local expertise, and met with Ross Roberts (lead author) and forwarded him the attached letter. He agreed to include the following caveat (drafted by MERRA) as an attachment to the maps as shown in this excerpt from his reply to MERRA:

This ASCIE mapping should not be used for the assessment of the erosion susceptibility of individual properties. As a ‘first-pass’ assessment it may include significant inaccuracies at localised levels. Assessment of individual properties (e.g. for consenting, valuation and insurance purposes) should be based on a site-specific (Level C) geotechnical assessment prepared by a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner

MERRA will be advising the real estate and valuers institutes, local realtors and the Insurance Council of this important caveat.


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