Scotts Landing

Plant pests to look out for

Our helpful friends from Council’s Mahurangi East Land Restoration Project, as part of their Healthy Waters programme, have provided residents with an opportunity to plant areas of their properties to prevent run-off into the harbour. During their scoping of properties, they’ve summarised here a list of plant pests prevalent on our peninsular, together with eradication […]

Security camera system rolling

The number plate recognition system, for which successful community fundraising was undertaken before Christmas,  has been installed and is functional. This includes a series of cameras on the peninsular. Thanks to Stuart Windross, Craig Maskell and Simon Gould-Thorpe for the concept, installation and technical input. Thanks particularly to our generous local donors who made it […]

Vodafone’s wifi calling a boon to cellphone coverage

Residents who have long had cell-phone coverage difficulties, particularly those on the eastern side of the peninsular, will have noticed Vodafone have disestablished their Suresignal service. However, coverage is increased by using wifi calling – an easy to follow guide on how to set your phone up to receive this service (assuming you’re a Vodafone […]

Rabbit traps

MERRA has invested on some rabbit traps to assist residents with issues on their property. Traps can be booked for 30 day periods at no charge by using the contact form of the MERRA website here There may be a waiting period depending on demand. You may wish to purchase your own trap on Trade […]

Plant pests

MERRA, in conjunction with Auckland Council, maintains a programme of plant pest management across the peninsular in public areas and walkways. It is the responsibility of landowners however to maintain their own land and to remove and dispose of noxious weeds. This council link will help you identify plan pests on your land and provide advice on […]

Animal pest control

Animal pest control MERRA maintains an animal pest control programme in conjunction with Auckland Council, with a view to make our peninsular as pest free as we can, given we can’t control the area with predator-free fences. This means we need to maintain a constant programme – it would quicky slide back if we didn’t. […]

Produce share table

Now’s the time of the year, with fruit, vegetables and flowers plentiful,  to take advantage of the produce share table, now in its second year of use. This table is situated on the corner of Charles Street and Ridge Road next to the bus shelter and Little Library (our community book exchange) and is designed […]

SuperGold App

It’s now easier for tech-savvy older people to stretch their dollar further with SuperGold. You can download the easy to use SuperGoldNZ app from App Store or Google Play now. If you, or the older people you support, have a smartphone or tablet but are not sure how to get started, you may find the […]

Wastebusters opens in Snells Beach

Mahurangi Wastebusters are the new operators of the refuse recycling centres at Lawrie Road, Snells Beach and Rustybrook Road, Wellsford. They offer a waste disposal and resource recovery services, with a focus on reducing waste to landfill by recycling, reusing and repairing as much as possible. They promote zero waste ideals, with education services offered […]

Cemetery gets new stairs

The dilapidated staircase giving access from Ridge Road to the Presbyterian Cemetery has been refurbished by MERRA as part of its newly formed alliance with the Church and the ongoing care of the site. The project was headed by Stuart Windross who assembled a small band of willing volunteers and with the help of donated […]