Scotts Landing

The MERRA committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee meets bi-monthly and the business of the group broadly is to be community advocates for our region, promote a sense of community and enhance the beauty of the peninsular. This they do by:

  • Promoting the rich history of the region
  • Seeking to make the peninsular predator and weed-pest free
  • Promoting good community relations by
    • Staging and supporting events such as the annual picnic
    • Setting up and maintaining a local network to promote neighbourhood support and distribute information
    • Providing civil defence and community response capabilities
    • Identifying and completing community projects such as the Historical Trail, Little Library, Scotts Landing sign, produce, bus shelter, seating, stairs to the historic cemetery
    • Staging and promoting community education programmes such as defibrillator use, CPR course
  • Maintaining good relations with key groups such as Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and other ratepayer associations for the benefit of the community
  • Advocacy on matters that affect the community.


Your 2023/24 MERRA Committee

  • Peter Seers (Chair) 
  • Heather Mackay (Secretary)
  • Debra Mickelborough (Treasurer)  
  • Annie Bradley (Events, volunteer projects)  
  • Mike Brooker (Legal, advocacy)
  • Suzette Eastmond Local network and MELR project  
  • Chris Russell (Plant pests) 
  • Stuart Windross History, roading and infrastructure  
  • Barry Mein (Co-opted: website and newsletter):


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