Spring fishing competition

Fishing boundary: Land or Boat-based.
All fishing activity must be based at or launched from Scotts Landing.
No limit to distance covered over water.
Timeline: Two weeks, Actual dates TBA.
Competition entry fee: $10 or a bottle of wine or something you would like to receive.
The largest snapper will win the competition with pictures including length submitted to judges on the day fish is caught via email. craig@electrocom.co.nz
Clarification of procedure TBA.
Three judges will control the outcome of submitted entries.
(We are lucky to have three judges having accepted this role, one having prior experience to  terminological inexactitudes.)
First prize: Trophy engraved with the name of the winner kept until the next competition.
Second prize: Engraved name
Third prize: Engraved name
Prize money will pay for the trophy engraving and any other costs associated with the competition.
Wine and any other goods/money are disturbed to winners at the discretion of the judges and competition organizer.
Prize giving and fish BBQ on Saturday at the end of competition. Details TBA.
Fish fillets will be frozen in good order to be available for BBQ   if required.
All entries fees must be delivered to Craig Maskell of 103 Ridge rd before the start of a two-week fishing competition.

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