Ridge Road works begin

Ridge Road works begin

18th November, 2018 – UPDATE Work will commence on this job on Monday 19th November. Yay.

8th October, 2018 – UPDATE Auckland Transport have advised that a contract for this work is out to tender and they hope to have it let in time for the work to be completed by Christmas. The work involves building a timber retaining wall similar to that a little further up the hill on the left hand side going out. This should provide a satisfactory and durable solution for what has, for a number of years been a very tricky corner.

The work is expected to be completed by Christmas subject to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather conditions.

21 June, 2018 – UPDATE While some work has been done and the road layout changed to allow vehicles to navigate the road without the use of traffic lights, work on repairing the slippage has been delayed while the contractors revise the scope of works. Watch this post for updates.

Original Post – Auckland Transport have confirmed works will commence on 21st May to fix the road subsidence on Ridge Road where traffic lights currently control traffic.


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