Fibre heading our way

Fibre heading our way

Please see attached the news regarding fibre being brought to our households. The following is a message from Chorus-

Chorus is building the Ultrafast Broadband fibre network in Mahurangi East. Once completed the new network will bring a much faster internet service to the area. This work is due for completion in August, and will involve drilling and excavations in footpaths and berms. Any ground affected will be reinstated to acceptable council standards.

As well as the main network cable running along the road reserve, the team will also install smaller connection lines from the main cable to each property’s boundary. However please note initially there is a safe temporary reinstatement while the built area’s network is tested to ensure it works – once we know there are no problems with it, we will then complete the final reinstatement. This delay is usually 4 – 6 weeks. We will work closely with the council to minimise any disruption.

 Once the main network across the area has been completed, the process of connecting properties to the network can begin and residents can start enjoying ultrafast broadband for work and play. For most properties connecting to the network will be free.

 Call 0800 600 100 for more information.

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