Auckland Transport proposes speed change on Ridge Rd

Auckland Transport proposes speed change on Ridge Rd

Auckland Transport are conducting a review of speed limits in the Auckland area.

Auckland Transport are proposing to reduce the speed limit from 100 km/h to 60 km/h on Ridge Road from the Mahurangi East Rd/Martins bay Rd intersection to the 50 km/h sign.

People have until 31st March, 2019 let Auckland Transport know their views.

There is a public drop in session planned for Warkworth to learn more at the Masonic Hall 3 Baxter Street from 10am to 1pm on Saturday 23rd March.

For further information on all of the proposed changes and to have your say, click HERE.

You can also join the local conversation and post your views below.

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  1. Hello Mr Merra.
    I think it is a good idea to reduce the speed limit but 60 is too slow and it will be ignored – especially by visitors (tradies and the Like )
    I believe 70 would be more realistic.
    Although no one in the right mind would try and go that fast up Lawrie’s Hill ( hopefully good sense would prevail) I’m thinking more the long straights when it is safe to go faster so 70 would be agood compromise me thinks!



  2. With Mahurangi East and Martins Bay Rds reducing to 80 km/h, it doesn’t make sense to have Ridge Rd set at 60km/h. I would like to see the speed set on Ridge Rd at the same level as Mahurangi East and Martins Bay Rds reducing to 50 km/h north of the S bends. The topography at the top end of Ridge Rd self regulates speed down the hill and 60 km/h is too slow travelling over open farm land.

  3. Yes – “the bends “ self regulate .
    I suspect on “farmland stretch “ the usual 80k is realistic …

  4. 60 is good but needs to be monitored

  5. Hi there all, (written with respect, as non-residents)
    Ridge Rd is on its way to becoming a rural suburb (I know, an oxymoron) so the speed limit should reflect this. Matching the limit to the other two converging roads makes sense to me.
    If it slows down the speed with which some Ridge Rd Rockets sweep into that junction we easterners would have fewer heart stoppers.
    Thanks Merra for your continued good work.

  6. There is little evidence that people self regulate as they drive past our home in a 50kph zone at much higher speeds. Currently dropping from 100kph to 50 kph just does not happen. I doubt that much difference in attitude will happen should the limit drop from 100 to 80kph but hopefully some people will think twice when entering a 60 kph zone. I agree with comments above with regard to the curves dictating a slower speed but as for the need to drive faster along the 2 short straights – I question whether it’s really beneficial to anyone to increase speed for such a short stretch. Slow down and enjoy the beauty of our location. You’ll get to the big city soon enough.

  7. It is a shame that AT have not provided more meaningful information regarding the problem they are trying to address. If 80% of the 30 deaths attributed to speed in 2017 happened in areas that already have a 50 kph, then “reducing” Ridge Road to 60kph could have little/no impact? Especially, as already mentioned, the existing 50kph limit is ignored by a majority of visitors and residents alike. I’d tend to agree that moving the existing 50kph sign to north of the S-bends might help to alleviate that issue somewhat.
    I suspect that driver inattention (e.g. looking at the vista?) is as much a danger as speed. The removal of the trees along the farmland stretch a few years back, whilst making the road surface better (safer), will not have helped in that regard. Maybe they should be replanted?

  8. Hi all
    I am inclined to think if the speed were reduced to 60k from the turn off that people will be less likely to speed through the 50k area, which would be so good. There is currently only a very short stretch of road that you can (physically or legally) do more than 50k on anyway – this is about 40 seconds worth between Georges and the corner by the macadamia farm. The big issue really is how to get people to slow down through the village and if this helps I’m for it.

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